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Media/Press requests should be submitted IN WRITING to at least 14 business days prior to a scheduled event. All requests should contain the organizations Name, Address, Phone, Contact Person, E-mail Address, Website, type of publication or organization and the nature of their request (i.e. Photographer, Reviewer, Interviewer, etc.) All requests submitted less than 14 business days before a scheduled event will not be given consideration. All Media/Press requests are submitted directly to Artist management. Artist management is the sole decision maker for approval or denial of all Media/Press request. Artist are not contracted to perform any interviews or promotional activities. Artist has the sole right of approval of all interviews and promotional appearances. Artist makes no warranty that Artist will perform any interviews or promotional activities at all. Rodeo de Mesquite will not commit Artist to any personal appearances, interviews or other type of promotion or appearance without prior written approval of Artist. Rodeo de Mesquite will not represent Artist to radio or any other media outlet without prior approval of Artist. Rodeo de Mesquite will not make any decisions with regard to radio, television and all other forms of advertising and marketing without prior consultation with Artist.


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